Jenni Hensler is a Stylist,

Costume Designer and Creative

Director from Seattle, Washington.

She lives in New York City.

Jenni Hensler  is  a master  of bending sensory experience.  She

 brings dream shapes  into the physical world by  mining the

 collective psyche  and making abstractions tangible.  By

 harnessing  the beauty that  lies in the space  between polarities

 like  instinct  and  cognition,  the natural world  and  synthetic,  

 archaic  and  modern

 with a distinct synesthetic approach

 sound  form  vision  

 bleed together.  This strange  shape shifting  creates a hypnagogic

 universe  that engulfs  the senses and blurs any  semblance  of

 reality  that surrounds them.


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